Corian Quarter-Round Coved Edge

A quarter-round cove does a terrific transition from your corian countertop to your tile backsplash. the Expo quotes $45/foot to do this; but you can do it yourself for much less- Here's how i did mine.
A cross section of how i did this-
I'm going to use a 1/2" quarter round bit to create the cove; and
I'm only bringing the cove up 1/2" off the counter top.
here's the jig i built to do this.  I used a couple of blocks of corian as the stop.  i chamfered the edge so if there was excess hot glue on the guide blocks, it wouldn't hang us up.  I split the stop block into 2 removable pieces because i knew i was going into a corner and would have to remove a section of the stop to get in there.
glue a 1" strip of corian to the back edge of the counter.  This is the piece that will become the quarter-round cove.
Using hot glue, attach the stop block to the top of the corian; i scribed mine to be 4" out from the wall (to correspond to my jig size)
then rout the edge.  the router base is supported by the 1" stop block and the top of the cove.  since i was removing lots of material, it took several passes to remove it all.

CAUTION- make sure your bit is firmly attached in your router; it can move out and start gouging your original piece which is very bad.  This happened to me (once) and i watched it very carefully after that..!

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